Episode 57 – Christmas in Lebanon

Christmas as a holiday is celebrated around the globe but there is always room for cultural differences in celebrations, tales, and customs. Lebanese Christmas celebrations include bounteous food spreads with family, Santa visits, big lit up Christmas trees, and goodies filled holiday markets. In this episode, Rea takes us on a tour of the major … Continue reading Episode 57 – Christmas in Lebanon

Episode 32 – Traditional handicrafts

Handicraft making is a popular profession in Lebanon. It reflects the traditional and artistic face of the country. Some families have specialized in this field for generations. Lebanese handicrafts often celebrate village life, social traditions, and the country's mountains and cedar trees. In this episode we discuss some of the most famous Lebanese handicrafts and … Continue reading Episode 32 – Traditional handicrafts

Episode 24 – Traditional village weddings

Traditional village wedding

Traditional village weddings in Lebanon are a multiday affair with diverse cultural traditions that vary by region. In the mountains and valleys beyond the big coastal cities, weddings are often as much about two families coming together as they are about two individuals coming together. Although aspects of modern wedding customs common in Lebanon’s large … Continue reading Episode 24 – Traditional village weddings

Episode 19 – Beirut’s “Qabadayat”

Back in the day, the streets of Beirut’s neighborhoods were often watched over and protected by men known as “Qabadayat”, which roughly translates as valiant men. They often helped people in their community and resolved local disputes. Qabadayat were pillars of tradition and social customs. They often played important roles in organizing celebrations and funerals … Continue reading Episode 19 – Beirut’s “Qabadayat”