Language Wave helps you improve your Lebanese Arabic skills related to active listening, reading, vocabulary, and cultural context knowledge. The Arabic used is similar to what you might hear around you while sitting in a cafe in Lebanon and chatting with a local friend. We design the episodes to cover a variety of topics and language concepts to help you learn the dialect and be more confident while using it. We publish episodes that include Lebanese Arabic audio content with transcripts, English translations, comprehension exercises, and vocabulary tables. 

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Finally! A way to improve and practice colloquial Lebanese-Arabic. With audio on interesting topics, relevant vocabulary, and translations, Language Wave makes it easy to improve your language skills.

Nadida A. (Los Angeles, USA) – January 14, 2020

As someone just embarking on their adventures in learning Lebanese Arabic, I was delighted to find ‘Language Wave’. The podcasts are excellently produced and introduce useful vocabulary and phrases. I love the fact that they also convey so much about Lebanese culture, geography, history, and the everyday experiences of Lebanese people. They are fascinating pieces … Continue reading Jon McLeod (United Kingdom) – May 4, 2020

Jon McLeod (United Kingdom) – May 4, 2020

As a Levantine Arabic learner, I have been looking for a very long time to find such a useful tool to learn Lebanese Arabic and I am glad that I came across Language Wave.  Their website is easy to use and the price is reasonable. I enjoy the podcasts, they are interesting and give insights … Continue reading Eda Kaya (Mersin, Turkey) – May 16, 2020

Eda Kaya (Mersin, Turkey) – May 16, 2020

Language Wave is exactly the kind of the Arabic-learning tool I’ve been looking for. As someone who learns best by doing, I find the audio recordings and accompanying translations and transliterations deeply, deeply useful.

Raya Saksouk (New York City, USA) – January 13, 2020

As a high school student who is half Lebanese and looking to become more fluent, this program helps me improve my Lebanese-Arabic in an easy and engaging way! Highly recommend for anyone hoping to learn more about Arabic language and culture on their own and in a fun way.

Ameera Mazraany (Andover, Massachusetts, USA) – January 19, 2020

Language Wave is a great tool for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of Lebanese Arabic, especially because good resources are hard to find. I think the topics are very interesting. I also find the transcriptions and lists of key words very useful. Thank you for putting this together!

Juan Carlos Dávila (Washington DC, USA) – January 12, 2020