Episode 84 – One year after the Beirut Port explosion

On August 4, 2020, a huge explosion wiped the Port of Beirut, killed 219 people, and damaged a large part of the city. While evidence suggests that many Lebanese politicians knew about the presence of hazardous explosives at the port, a thorough investigation has not yet occurred. One year after the blast, Rana and Khaled … Continue reading Episode 84 – One year after the Beirut Port explosion

Episode 50 – Lebanon’s defunct train system

Rail transport began in Lebanon in the 1890s while it was part of the Ottoman Empire. Over time, rail lines were built along the entire length of the Lebanese coastline. Additional tracks ran east across the country connecting Beirut and the Syrian capital Damascus. The rail system operated for close to a hundred years but … Continue reading Episode 50 – Lebanon’s defunct train system

Episode 39 – Lebanese emigration

For generations Lebanese citizens have emigrated across the world to seek better business or job opportunities, higher education, and safety from conflict. Large Lebanese communities can found in North and South America, Europe, West Africa, Australia, and the Arabian Gulf. Almost every household in Lebanon has relatives who live abroad. In this episode, Dareen tells … Continue reading Episode 39 – Lebanese emigration

Episode 21 – Arabized French words

French words form an integral part of the Lebanese dialect. This influence stems from France's 23 years of mandate rule over Lebanon after World War I. Since then Arabized French words have become a defining feature that you hear sprinkled throughout daily Lebanese conversations. In this episode, Mariam points out several Arabized French words in … Continue reading Episode 21 – Arabized French words