Episode 86 – Small business amid economic upheaval

Malak is a home-based entrepreneur in Lebanon who sells artificial flower arrangements and other handmade home-decorations. In this episode, Malak speaks with her sister, Mariam, about the challenges facing local small businesses during the current financial crisis. Malak explains how she tries to navigate the difficult situation and wonders if the crisis might force her … Continue reading Episode 86 – Small business amid economic upheaval

Episode 83 – Medical crisis

Due to an unprecedented economic crisis, the medical sector in Lebanon is collapsing. Medications cannot be found, pharmacies continue to go on strikes, and doctors are emigrating. Amid this chaos, patients struggle with inflation, currency devaluation, and lack of basic infrastructure. As Rana is searching for her dad’s hypertension medication, she discusses with Khaled Lebanon’s … Continue reading Episode 83 – Medical crisis

Episode 32 – Traditional handicrafts

Handicraft making is a popular profession in Lebanon. It reflects the traditional and artistic face of the country. Some families have specialized in this field for generations. Lebanese handicrafts often celebrate village life, social traditions, and the country's mountains and cedar trees. In this episode we discuss some of the most famous Lebanese handicrafts and … Continue reading Episode 32 – Traditional handicrafts